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CLASS ACTION: Wallacetown School

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Celebrating Southland Schools

19 March 2024, 7:31 PM

CLASS ACTION: Wallacetown School

Welcome back to Wallacetown School for 2024!!

For the Start of term 1 we welcomed a number of new faces and families to Wallacetown School.

We hope everyone enjoys their time at Wallacetown School and all the awesome opportunities and experiences that come with being part of a small school.

Nikau has joined Room 1

                                                     Jax has joined Room 2                                                         

And Rachel has joined Room 4.


                      We have also welcomed Miss Christina McDonald to our teaching team and she is teaching in Room 3 this year.  


 Mrs Jessica Venables – who is well known as Ms V joins us on a Wednesday this year, she will be covering teachers as our release teacher.

 We have Miss Simone Caughey–Miss C joining us in Room 4, Simone is in her third and final year of her teacher training at the University of Otago.

Simone will be in for blocks of time throughout the year on placement as well as a number of Mondays.


 We have a wonderful group of parents who work tirelessly behind the scenes organising fundraising activities.

Here are room 1 on their new mat – they all love it and gave it a big thumbs up!

Athletics –Winton and Central

Our whole school travelled to Winton on 1st March to compete in the Eastern Athletics in Winton.

We were so busy that we didn’t have time to take any photos at all!

A huge well done to our 19 students who made it through for Central Athletics that were held on the 8th March.

Check out our pictures from the day.

 It was great to see all the kids in action!

These Central Athletics photos, along with a few more and videos of the running finals can all be found on our Facebook Page!

Thank you to the parents who took transport on the day and to our supporters who joined us.

On Sunday the 24th of March we have 9 students who will be competing at Southland Athletics.

A huge congratulations to the following students who will be representing Central on the day;

 Ryder, Eliza, Lilly, Max, Bethany, Pyper, Zaria, Poppy and Ritchie.We wish them the best of luck!

Finally we finish off with the Student Voice. They had been asked two questions:

1: What makes Wallacetown School kids awesome?

2: What makes your school special?

Wallacetown School proudly supported by Pypers Produce

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